MA Insiders

MA Insiders is a professional development program designed to provide industry education and promote the success of wedding and event professionals.

Developed by Melissa Andre, an internationally-renowned event planner and designer, the curriculum is the first of its kind, focusing on technical skills and signature systems that have been developed in practice and  continually fine tuned allowing Melissa Andre Design Co. to charge more than 20x the national average.

MA Insiders is an interactive video-based training program that teaches event planners, designers, and event service professionals who want to grow their businesses, fuel higher profits, and achieve greater impact from their sales and marketing efforts.  Whether you’re brand new to industry or established and ready to grow, MA Insiders will challenge you to execute at your highest level.

Our program begins with Pricing Your Event Services followed by Defining you Niche.

$10.99 USD for each 3-Day rental course. Courses generally consist of Two or more videos.